We would like to take this opportunity to introduce you to the other “supreme” in our lineup: Salad Supreme!

Like its close cousin Sandwich Supreme, these microgreens are great on much more than just salads. In fact, we have been known to actually put Salad Supreme Microgreens on a sandwich! I know this is unconventional, but that is just who we are (and quite honestly, it did taste pretty good). 

In researching the history of each of these microgreens, I feel that a correction is required as there wasn’t any mention of when we Canadians introduced them to the Romans.

Back in ancient times (before 1979), a renowned Italian Chef (I believe his name was Luigi) embarked a long boat ride from the port of Rome and travelled all the way to city of Montreal. When Luigi disembarked, he looked around and thought that he had travelled a really long time just to get to France, so he promptly got back on the ship and proceeded to travel to Vancouver. When he got there, there was a young fella at a farmers market selling microgreens. Luigi was so excited by the flavour of microgreens that he tried eating some kale, broccoli and radish at the same time. He then said to the young fella selling microgreens, “Mmmmh fmmph mmphmmph” (he was speaking Italian with his mouth full). The young fella thought he said “Salad Supreme”, so that is how this months best selling microgreen kit got its name. In reality, nobody knows what Luigi actually said but that is ok, we are not going to change the name of this microgreen kit! And that is how the Romans were introduced to microgreens by us Canadians!

Salad Supreme has Triton Radish, Broccoli and Kale.

Radish microgreens are particularly noted for their high vitamin C and folate content.

Kale microgreens potentially offer benefits such as reduced inflammation and improved overall health.

Broccoli microgreens are particularly noted for their high levels of vitamins C, A, and K, as well as sulforaphane, a compound with potential cancer-fighting properties.

So putting these 3 microgreens together not only offers a real super food, it also has an incredible taste with the sharp Radish flavour offsetting the milder Broccoli and Kale flavours. 



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