The almost true story of the radish and radish micro greens

       The radish roots (no pun intended) can be traced to areas of Asia with the Egyptians, Romans and Greeks cultivating them. We still have not found evidence that they had included these on the barbecued burgers, but who knows! The ancient Greeks and Romans also believed that the radish had medicinal properties and used them to treat certain ailments (not sure if they gave the sick guy a hamburger with radish and radish microherbs on it… your guess is as good as mine). 

Gardeners in the Middle Ages, or the servants of the people who owned the gardens, started growing radishes and the same servants who planted the radishes started eating them. It’s not clear if this affected the relationship between the Gardners and their servants, but at least the servants ate well. They liked them so much, they started to introduce them to the Americas (we Americas people are kind of behind the times when it comes to radishes).

The use of radish greens started pretty much with the cultivation of the radish itself. We in the Americas started the consumption of the microgreens and let our Middle Aged brethren know that the greens were good too. Unfortunately data has not yet been found to substantiate this claim.

        Radish microgreens are rich in nutrients such as vitamins A, C, and K, as well as minerals like calcium, iron, and potassium. Many cultures are now utilizing the microgreens in their cuisine, which is what we have been trying to tell them for a long time!


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