We had been growing microgreens for about 2 years.

While we were spreading the word about microgreens and their numerous health benefits, we got to talking to a friend about how much we loved cooking with microgreens! Not only were they highly nutritious and tasty on their own, but they were amazing ingredients to use in the kitchen. All of a sudden, it hit us.

What a perfect fit! – microgreens for chefs!

To make it as easy as possible for chefs to incorporate these incredible vegetables into their kitchens we decided to make our own grow kit, so they could provide their customers with the freshest products possible.We also knew that we wanted to make the ordering process fun and easy, with no complex buying systems.

That’s how UgroGreens was born!

What started as a simple idea to eat healthier has grown into an opportunity for chefs to better share their passion with their customers, providing them with the freshest, most nutritious vegetables available.


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