Microgreens are harvested at the early stages of growth giving you an impressive variety of flavours, textures and colours that are not available in long-growing greens like kale or spinach. The process in which they are harvested is also not only important for the nutritional value of microgreens, but also their shelf life.

The only drawback to growing at this stage, however, is the short shelf-life because they grow so quickly. To solve this problem UgroGreens developed a  Growing Kit, to help you grow your own when choosing to introduce microgreens into your diet!

Every kit includes detailed instructions on how exactly what time you should plant them, fertilizer ratio, to grow your own microgreens (planting, watering strategies harvest times) (*feedback from our team members), transplanting frequency, harvest times, temperature guidelines indoor cultivation tips e.c.t.

The whole process is ALSO 100% organic and completely free from harmful chemicals that you would normally find on crops grown in soil. Because we grow you can grow microgreens hydroponically, they have the shortest growing cycle of any green vegetable or herb known to man. We can grow Microgreens can be grown from seed to harvest within just 5-21 days* (depending on the plant variety).


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