Basil Microgreens


If you like your pasta, you already know what the flavour of Basil can do. But for those that are uninitiated, here goes-
Basil microgreens have rich flavour, much like full grown basil with a bit of that peppery zing. An excellent addition to pastas, pizza, salads, or homemade pesto!
Health benefit studies show basil migrogreens have high counts of polyphenols,which is important for overall gut health.

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Ugrogreens Microgreens Kit comes complete with 2 biodegradable grow mats with no binders added- just natural fibre material. Our Basil Microgreen seeds are organic seeds from Italy and the growing container is made from recycled plastic. Once you have your Ugrogreens Microgreen Kit, there are also Refill Kits available for all the varieties.  For a little more spice with your basil consider the Curly Cress microgreen kit. Basil Microgreens also have some awesome health benefits